Indie Spotlight: Milo of Barking Mad Arts

I am in love with our next artist`s work beautiful, and whimsical I love it!!!

1. What is your name, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Milo, and I am originally from southern California. Right now I live in Florida, but soon I will be moving to Oregon (too much sunlight here for me; I need more cloudy, gloomy days). I am an independent artist and product designer for home décor and garden companies.

2. Tell us a little more about yourself?

I am a self-taught artist and designer. I dropped out of art school early on and started working for home decoration and design companies. I learned design while working in Mexico, Indonesia, Paris, Morocco, China and finally Florida.
I love drinking tea and reading books on rainy days (my English bulldog at my feet). My favorite cities are Paris, Hong Kong, New Orleans, and Portland Oregon. I usually work to the sound of antique Jazz or Blues music (when I am not listening to NPR). My wife and I are HUGE foodies; we love to cook and eat (I was a cook in a New Orleans restaurant once). We recently got back from a vacation in Napa valley, where we ate like gourmets, drank like kings, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

3.How did you acquire your craft/art?

Early on, I tried art school, but I it just wasn’t for me. I loved to paint and create my own visions, but my teachers kept trying to make me do it “their way”. So, I dropped out and started doing it in my spare time while working at various jobs. Eventually, I started using my art skills to work as a designer and that’s when things really started to take off for me. In the last few years, my professional life had really taken off and I started working internationally for a variety of companies. I learned how to use Photoshop and started doing everything on the computer. My productivity shot way up and I found myself doing so much more work than I had before when it was all done by hand. My exposure to other cultures and art showed me different ways to think about my art and how to make it pay. I no longer had romantic ideas about painting and galleries, I saw how to get my ideas out into the world in lots of different ways. Turning my designs and artwork into sellable products made a huge difference to me.

4. What inspires you?

I love old photos and antique style silhouettes. Over the years, I have collected them from all over the world. I love to use the old images in my work and you can see a heavy influence of Victoriana in my art. I love science fiction and fantasy literature and find a lot of my ideas in reading. Photographers that inspire me are August Sander, Roberto Kusterle, and Robert & Shana Parke Harrison. I love mid-century illustrators like Jim Flora and Edward Bawden, and of course Edward Gorey. Another great contemporary sculptor/artist that I find very inspirational is Stephane Halleux.

5. What is your creative process?

I keep lots of little notebooks around me all the time and I am constantly scribbling down ideas for sketches or projects. I don’t usually use a sketchbook; I prefer to sketch on loose sheets of paper and then scan them into the computer to finish or work on further before printing them out again and then finishing them by hand. I usually work on multiple projects at once. I start something, and then stick it on my studio wall to “season”. I go on working on other projects and keep looking at all the projects on my walls and thinking about them. This allows me to come up with new solutions or different ideas as I continue to work on other projects. I usually have an “Ah-Hah!” moment this way when it suddenly occurs to me what I need to do to finish the hanging projects.

6. What do you find to be the secret to your success?

I would say the “secret” is to keep striving and never give up. Don’t let lack of skill or lack of time, or money stop you from making things. Keep working and each project will get better and better. Also important is to have a good creative environment to live in. My wife has been a great help an inspiration to me in my creative life.

7. Where are you now in your creative business and where will you be in the future?

After years of working for other companies, I have just gone full time with my own art and free-lance design. It is a very scary and exciting time. I am building a home décor company that will sell products with my designs and artwork on them. Very shortly, I hope to be selling my items wholesale to stores and boutiques around the country. I want to build this business into something that can support my family and I and allow us to live how and where we want.

8. Any words of wisdom to share with fellow artist/crafters?

There are more ways of doing things or solving life’s problems than you are aware of. Take inspiration from other successful artist/crafters that have “made it”. Be unique in your vision, but follow other people’s example in how to succeed with that vision.

9. What is your most favorite handmade item you have had to part with?

Nothing! I am not attached to my originals; I love to see them find a home out in the world. I enjoy making things, not having things.

10. This last one is not really a question but rather a space for you to share anything else with us that we have not covered.

As I read over all my answers in this interview, I am struck with how positive and competent I sound. In reality I am much more insecure and nervous. I fret and worry about what I am going to do next, and discuss it endlessly with my wife. Still, I don’t give up easily.


Checkout Milo`s Etsy store

‘Barking Mad Arts’ by margopage

Silhouettes, Prints, Ephemera, Original Arts & Whimsy

Vicflorian Orchid woman…


Fairy Ombre silhouettes…


I’m Late 8×10 print…


Steampunk-Silhouette A …


Birdcage Woman silhouet…


Flower Geisha 1 print 8…


Clingy (octopus) silhou…


Lady Wilhamina Stewart …


Oolong tea silhouette C…


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One Comment to “Indie Spotlight: Milo of Barking Mad Arts”

  1. What a great spotlight! Milo, I love your work, and I love how you dropped out of art school because they kept trying to make you do it “their way.” Gold! Keep up the amazing work!

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